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Triceradrops debut artist album Coalesce hits #1 on Beatport

Triceradrops debut artist album Coalesce hits #1 on Beatport

Pharmacy Music is excited to announce the release of the incredible debut Triceradrops​ artist album titled Coalesce which is hit #1 on Beatport’s Release chart and is a Featured Release on the Psy-Trance front page. This is a massive accomplishment for a new producer. Creating a full length album is no small feat and producing a great album is even more rare. Triceradrops has done both and joined the exclusive ranks of the album artist.

Triceradrops has a gained a loyal and devoted following thanks to his unique sound that he has championed everywhere from LA’s underground clubs to Insomniac Events Dreamstate​. His tracks have been championed by DJs from Indecent Noise​, Jordan Suckley, M.I.K.E.​, Mark Sherry, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Will Atkinson to name a few. We asked him to give us a little insight into his sound in his own words:

“My style is definitely a blend of a lot of stuff from the sounds of industrial, trance, hard dance, techno and psytrance. I really like to bring something to the table that no one else is really doing making hybrid sounds.”

Triceradrops is known for his dark psy sound that can take the listener on a mind bending journey. Triceradrops said “I love the idea of making someone go into a ‘bad trip’ because I know for a fact they’re going to remember that during my sets which is why I love the darker sounds it just get’s drilled into someones memories for life! I just imagine myself on the dancefloor when making music thinking to myself like ‘hmmm what will mess me up and set the party off’ then tracks are born.”

You can clearly hear that diabolical sound on tracks like Embrace, Hellucinogen, Hitech Pirates, and Asphyxiate which goes deeper and darker than Triceradrops has gone before.

Triceradrops is a man of many moods and breaking up the darkness are moments of sonic awakenings such as Transfiguration of the Mind, Sine Illusion, Candice and Reign which is a showcase track on the album.

Included on this musically diverse and brilliantly crafted album are several collaborations. Triceradrops chose fellow Pharmacy Music producers and friends No Cliu and Sidekicks for collaborations because he has watched these talented fellow producers grow. Barakuda has been doing underground shows for 20 years as Psytribe and is one of the reasons why Triceradrops has been so devoted to the scene. Diabolus AKA Antoni Giron is one of Triceradrop’s best friends who has been a supporter since he started out.

Also included on the album is a remix of the classic Christopher Lawrence’s track Faith In The Future. One of his favorite tracks when he got into psy trance, Triceradrops has done a phenomenal job giving the track a fresh update for a new generation of trance fans.

Coalesce is a brilliant album from one of the leaders in the new wave of psy producers bringing this hypnotic sound into the future.

Out exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide on February 26th.

13 February 2018 News

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