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Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-09-23

Catalog number: PHARMACY193

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Seven Ways & Hopeku (Original Mix)
Undead (Aximetrik Remix)
Seven Ways & Hopeku

Seven Ways and Hopeku have been championing the psychedelic trance sound in Canada for many years thru their original tracks, DJ sets and event productions. Arguably two of Canada’s leading psy producers, they continue to blow minds around the world with their psychedelic music.

Undead is a full on psychedelic explosion. A turbo charged rolling bassline hums in sync with the kick while a high energy acid line rips thru the air like a soaring dragon breathing fire across the night sky.

Fellow Canadian producer AXIMETRIK turns in a heavy, energetic and psychedelic remix. Greatly influenced by Infected Mushroom, AXIMETRIK is best known as a live performer and recently opened for Infected Mushroom at their recent Quebec show at Impérial Bell.

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