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The Sound

The Sound

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-12-17

Catalog number: Pharmacy200

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The Sound
Sentinel 7

Sentinel 7 is arguably the finest psy trance talent to rise out of the new breed of US psy producers taking the world by storm. His meticulously produced full on tracks stand head and shoulders above the rest when played on a pumping outdoor sound system. Sentinel 7’s track are getting massive play throughout the psy world.

On his latest offering, The Sound, Sentinel 7 adds a little fun into the mix with a synthetic robotic voice that gives the track fantastic personality. Add to that a grooving rolling bassline with a wiggle in it, plenty of twisted metallic effects, a wicked acid line and a seriously charged percussion top end and Sentinel 7 has made a stellar track that is destined to be played at parties across the known and unknown universe!

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