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The Prestige EP

The Prestige EP

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2016-02-15

Catalog number: PHARMACY128

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The Prestige (Original Mix)
Sound Traveller (Kessler Remix)
Odiseo, Kessler
Jupiter (Original Mix)
Dragonfly (Kessler Remix)
Jano, Kessler, Unstable
Awakening Kundalini (Original Mix)
DSP, Han Solo, Kessler
Sunset (Original Mix)

Kessler is back and better than ever with his brilliant new EP titled The Prestige. With chart topping albums and EPs already on Pharmacy, Kessler drops an impressive new six track EP which is destined to cause commotion with musical tastemakers and dance floors alike.

The Kessler sound is distinguished by big fat basses with progressive and techno influences. Making these tracks even more versatile is Kessler’s well crafted and sophisticated melodies that allow the tracks to cross over to the mainstream trance sets that are now heavily influenced by the underground psy trance sound.

First up is the The Prestige, the title track of the EP. Kessler kicks it off with a melodic track with a playful funky bass. Expertly crafted, this is Kessler at his best.

Next up, Kessler remixes Sound Traveller by fellow Mexican producer, Odiseo. Kessler completely reworks the original giving it a faster driving bassline and taking the energy level up a notch.

The EP moves in to high gear on Jupiter as Kessler hits his stride with a powerful rolling groove, syncopated stabs and quick melodies that intertwine and bounce off each other.

Kessler shreds it with another bang on remix. This time he takes on Jano & Unstable’s Dragonfly giving an already great track a fantastic makeover.

Kessler joins forces with Han Solo and DSP for a wicked collaboration. Awakening Kundalini captures the sound of all three producers creating an irresistible groove with brash acid melodies and squelches to fire up the dance floor.

Closing out this amazing EP is Kessler’s finest work to date. Sunset is a bouncing and energetic track with Kessler’s sophisticated melodies weaving and playing off of each other for that perfect dance floor atmosphere.

There is plenty to choose from on this brilliant EP.

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