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The Human Element

The Human Element

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2014-12-01

Catalog number: PHARMACY082

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The Human Element (Original Mix)
Christopher Lawrence, Jonathan Allyn
The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)
Christopher Lawrence, Jonathan Allyn, Daniel Lesden

It seems inconceivable that it took Los Angeles based label mates and friends Christopher Lawrence and Jonathan Allyn over ten years to get into the studio together – but it was well worth the wait. The Human Element represents a meeting of the minds of two brilliant, passionate producers with a love of underground trance.

The Human Element is a beast of a track with its pounding kick and bass but what really sets it apart are the huge melodies that lift and propel it. The melodies are powerful without being euphoric – a fine balancing act that turned out brilliantly with not just one but two lead lines that break out of the drop. A true feast for the ears on the dance floor.

On remix duties is Daniel Lesden, one of the most respected names in the new breed of psy trance producers. Daniel has already earned major respect for his releases on J00F, Perfecto Fluoro and many more. The Daniel Lesden Remix completely reworks the original into a lush and technically impressive progressive psy track that creates a completely immersive world of its own.

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