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The Cutthroats

The Cutthroats

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2017-03-06

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS033

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The Cutthroats (Original Mix)
Mark L
The Cutthroats (Acid Syndrome Remix)
Acid Syndrome, Mark L

Mark L has been busy in the studio perfecting his craft and is ready to unleash his latest titled The Cutthroats. A deep and dark main music track with a big melodic breakdown has always been Mark L’s style and he comes up aces once again with his new release on Pharmacy Plus.

The Cutthroats has a brutal kick drum that is sure to give the speaker subs a run for their money. The kick is balanced by a pumping off beat baseline that keeps the energy going underneath while the acid stabs and sinister melodies ride the bottom end like a wave. The powerful melodic breakdown will fill the space of any venue whether it’s a dark club or a massive arena.

Acid Syndrome, on remix duties, give the track a driving psy trance makeover. Acid Syndrome retains some of the original melodies but trade the bass for a rolling bassline and give their remix of The Cutthroats a much more hypnotic feel.

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