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T.O.T / Stay Control

T.O.T / Stay Control

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2018-11-05

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS052

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Marcelo Fratini
Stay Control
Marcelo Fratini

Pharmacy Plus is back and better than ever with a slamming tech trance release from Marcelo Fratini. With more than 15 years behind the decks, Marcelo Fratini is one of the most recognized DJs of Argentina. Over the years Marcelo has developed his own style, a very refined musical selection that combines progressive, trance and techno, to create the perfect festive mood for which he is recognized.

T.O.T is a brilliant progressive tech trance groover. This is pure booty shaking techno for today’s sophisticated dance floors. The infectious hook is the backbone of the track and a hint of melody is all it takes to push this track over the edge. Marcelo has his finger firmly on the pulse of the current sound of the underground.

Stay Control is a fierce, take no prisoners techno beast. Dark and menacing, Marco Fratini takes the dance floor into a frenzy with the relentless beats. The dark melody rising out of the breakdown adds to the intensity of the track.

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