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Step Beyond

Step Beyond

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2014-08-18

Catalog number: PHARMACY073

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Step Beyond (Astro-D Remix)
Chris Oblivion, Astro-D
Step Beyond (Chris Oblivion Remix)
Chris Oblivion, Chris Oblivion, Astro-D

Sometimes the whole is greater than the some of its parts. Astro-D and Chris Oblivion are fantastic producers individually but when they teamed up for their new release, Step Beyond, they created a masterpiece.

Astro-D is a pioneer of the Athens, Greece, electronic music scene beginning his DJ career DJing in the early 90’s when he first became excited by the Goa sound.

Chris Oblivion’s career working in recording and post production studios for over 15 years, has made him both experimental and selective in his sounds.

Together, their talents blend brilliantly to create two versions of one incredible piece of music. Step Beyond is a hypnotic psy trance journey for the mind and the body. Both remixes are driven by a pulsating bass line but Chris Oblivion takes his remix in a slightly darker, more acid driven direction while Adtro-D weaves the melody lines into a mesmerizing euphoria.

Both of these mixes have been on constant rotation here at the Pharmacy offices for good reason – one listen and you are hooked.

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