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Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2017-02-13

Catalog number: PHARMACY150

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Sometimes (Original Mix)
Black Marvin
Sometimes (Seven Ways & Hopeku Remix)
Hopeku, Black Marvin, Seven Ways

Black Marvin impresses us once again with his trippy take on progressive psy trance. Black Marvin’s approach is unconventional yet accessible which makes his tracks that much more appealing and stand out amongst all the others. We aren’t the only ones that have been infected by his sound. Tastemakers supporting his tracks include Paul van Dyk, Mark Sherry, Alex MORPH, Ben Gold and Daniel Kandi to name a few.

Sometimes is progressive psy with Black Marvin’s signature mind altering sounds and FX. The twisted, yet uplifting, melodic breakdown adds even more character to this amazing track.

Long time friends and collaborators, Seven Ways & Hopeku, take on remix duties for Sometimes and give the track a pumped up, hi energy makeover. Maintaining the twisted elements of the original, Seven Ways and Hopeku turn up the acid, bass and bpm, through in some funk for good measure, and wind up with a real banger of a track.

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