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Pure Energy

Pure Energy

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2017-11-13

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS042

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Pure Energy (Original Mix)
Victor Dinaire
Pure Energy (Aimoon Remix)
Victor Dinaire, Aimoon

Victor Dinaire returns to Pharmacy Plus with Pure Energy, his biggest and baddest track yet. Having played around the world, held residencies in New York, San Diego, Las Vegas and Miami as well as hosted Lost Episode, one of the most successful and longest running radio shows in America, Victor knows what it takes to rock a dancefloor.

Always pushing boundaries musically, Victor’s latest release is part techno, part trance, but as the title says, Pure Energy. This track is BIG. A thundering bottom end propels the track while an aggressive synth line rips thru the speakers leading to the breakdown. A massive melody swells up from the break lead by the sample “Pure Energy – Pure Thought”.

Rounding out this fantastic release is the Aimoon remix. Aimoon gives Pure Energy an uplifting tech trance rework that will satisfy the epic trance crowd with a powerful climactic melody. Aimoon supplies the track with heaps of energy using multiple acid lines and layers of synth leads to fill the room with a wall of sound.

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