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Psyched Up

Psyched Up

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2014-10-20

Catalog number: PHARMACY079

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Psyched Up (Original Mix)
Dub Tek

Dublin DJ and producer Dub Tek aka David Sheehan exploded onto the Irish music scene at the early age of eighteen and in a few short years has taken the underground trance music scene by storm, playing across the UK and across the Atlantic in the USA.

Psyched Up is proper progressive psy trance. Clean production, crisp percussion, and sparkling effects are the order of the day. What really set this track apart is the jaw droppingly beautiful breakdown. Beginning with an angelic whisper and culminating in an overwhelming swell of emotion, this is one of those breakdowns that unifies a dance floor and makes it’s indelible mark in a set.

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