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La Napo

La Napo

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2018-07-23

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS051

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The boys from Argentina are at it again with their latest in a rapid fire schedule of releases. Fergie & Sadrian have risen to the top to the trance and psy-trance premier league over the past year with their insane streak of chart topping releases. La Napo is sure to become another notch on their belt.

Known for their twisted and trippy sound, Fergie & Sadrian flip the switch with La Napo. This time the dynamic duo go for a more playful but absolutely infectious hook. Once you hear this track you will not forget it. To call La Napo high energy would be an understate-ment. With a powerful rolling bassline to drive the bottom end and a massive layered synth melody, La Napo is guaranteed to be the stand out track in any set.

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