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Invasion / Mars Attacks

Invasion / Mars Attacks

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2018-05-01

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS048

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Anna Lee
Mars Attacks
Anna Lee
Pharmacy Plus is welcomes DJ Anna Lee to the team. Anna hits the ground running with Invasion and Mars Attacks, two ripping tracks destined to find a home in your sets. With over twenty years experience as a DJ and almost as long as a producer, this Ukraine based artist has built up an impressive résumé of tours, productions and awards. Her passion for progressive house, trance and psy shines thru in her top notch productions.
Invasion is pure tech trance mayhem. The track begins with a driving techno bassline leading up to the breakdown that begins as an intense wall of sound giving way to beautiful lush pads. For the drop, Anna completely reworks the track with a funky new baseline and synth groove before closing out on the same tech vibe the track began with. Anna Lee creates a psychedelic musical journey on Mars Attacks. Once again showing her gift for knowing how to move a dance floor, Anna builds on the rolling bassline with well crafted percussion and interwoven melodies to give the track a groove that is irresistibly infectious. One listen to this hypnotic track and you are hooked.


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