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Infinity / The Anthem

Infinity / The Anthem

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-07-16

Catalog number: PHARMACY187

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The Anthem

Submersive’s debut release on Pharmacy is nothing short of incredible. Pioneering a fresh new sound to one of the oldest genres of dance music, Submersive drenches the listener in a multi-sensory experience through his innovative productions within the structured psy-trance genre. His amazing two track release containing Infinity and The Anthem is a breath of fresh air.

Submersive creates a hypnotic journey not just through melodies but through his masterful use of rhythm. Infinity is complex in structure yet effortless in execution. The must hear breakdown builds to a massive acid melody before dropping back into the hypnotic groove.

With The Anthem, Submersive shows once again that it is all about the groove but this time we get a melodic hook that once it grabs you doesn’t let go. And the breakdown is an anthem to end all anthems. Huge is an understatement.

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