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Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2018-05-14

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS049

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Emiliano Pavon
Buenos Aires continues to dominate the underground trance scene with it’s growing army of DJ / producers. Now Pharmacy Plus introduces tech trance ambassador Emiliano Pavon to the team. Having shared the stage with Pharmacy artists Fergie & Sadrian and Argentina Legend Javier Bussola, Emiliano is on a mission to bring the underground sound of Argentina to the rest of the world thru his productions.

Always drawn to the dark and aggressive sounds of tech trance, Emiliano pulls no punches with his debut release Hostil. The track has a pumping solid groove with a brilliant acid melody hook. The acid line continues to build in the break and the track really takes off when the drop comes. It’s full power all the way to the finale of Hostil.

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