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Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-01-15

Catalog number: PHARMACY172

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Ganesh (Original Mix)
Fergie & Sadrian

Following up on their massive Crazy Carnival, Fergie & Sadrian come up aces again. Fergie & Sadrian have developed their own unique style of trance over the years that transcends the usual trance track by giving each of their works a specific identity that makes it stand out. It is this character that defines a Fergie & Sadrian piece of music and gives it so much personality on the dance floor.

Ganesh is a first class psy trance voyage full of trippy vocals and twisted sounds. This gem leaves the listener transfixed and mesmerized with its Middle Eastern melodies, haunting vocal chanting and ultimately immobilized by the laser piercing melody in the second half of the track.

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