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Distance to Paradise EP

Distance to Paradise EP

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-03-19

Catalog number: PHARMACY177

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Distance To Paradise (Original Mix)
Distance To Paradise (Kundalini Remix)
Nighty (Astro-D Remix)

Astro-D unleashes his latest productions as a three track EP titled Distance to Paradise. Astro-D is a pioneer of the electronic music scene in Greece and an old-school raver, who got his start DJing in Athens in the early 90’s when he first became excited by the Goa sound. In 2013 Astro-D began producing and has had phenomenal chart success with his original tracks and remixes with crossover support form the top trance and psy trance DJs.

Astro-D continues that studio success with his latest release, Distance to Paradise. The track is a high energy psychedelic journey with loads of twists and turns as the bassline continuously changes up. Slinky acid lines weave in and out in ever changing patterns.

Fellow Pharmacy artist, Kundalini, turns up the tempo on Distance to Paradise turning it into a full on psy trancer. Kundalini has an amazing skill for creating groovy lead lines and on Distance to Paradise he funks it up big time on this killer remix.

Rounding out the EP, Astro-D takes on Nighty by Kundalini. Nighty is one of Kundalini’s most successful releases on Pharmacy and Astro-D gives the track new legs with his original interpretation and galloping bassline.

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