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Dark Side of The Moon

Dark Side of The Moon

Label: Pharmacy Plus

Release date: 2017-06-26

Catalog number: PHARMACYPLUS036

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Dark Side of The Moon (Original Mix)
Martin Libsen
Dark Side of The Moon (Nueva Remix)
Martin Libsen, Nueva

Martin Libsen is leaving his mark across the globe with his stellar production quality and original melodic compositions. Dark Side of the Moon is a perfect example of his powerful style. Dark tech sounds, deep acid lines and emotional uplifting melodies are the order of the day. A euphoric breakdown creates the perfect combination of light and dark.

Fellow Polish DJ and Producer, Nueva, turns in a brilliant remix of Dark Side of The Moon, creating a massive trance track. The uplifting lead melody and swirling accent melodies coming out of the breakdown are absolutely mesmerizing. The production on this track is flawless.

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