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Burning Minds

Burning Minds

Label: Pharmacy Music

Release date: 2018-03-12

Catalog number: PHARMACY176

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Burning Minds (Vocal Mix)
Chris Oblivion
Burning Minds (Instrumental Mix)
Chris Oblivion

Chris Oblivion has been a DJ and producer for almost three decades. Beginning his career back in 1990 as a club and FM radio DJ in Athens, Greece, Chris has always been on the cutting edge of the underground music scene and once again proves he is in his prime with the release of Burning Minds.

Burning Minds is Chris Oblivion’s signature sound of the building chugger. Drawing the listener in, the track keeps it’s steady climb to the breakdown. An eerie soundscape greets the listener as a ominous vocal rises out of the void. Chris finishes the track off with the same hypnotic and irresistible building trance vibe he began with. And for those that prefer their tracks without a human element there is an instrumental version which delivers the same power minus the vocal.

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