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Release date: 2017-09-18

Catalog number: PHARMACY164

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1998 (Original Mix)
Orpheus, Osher

1998 by Binary Finary is one of the most iconic trance tracks of the 90s and Paul van Dyk cemented it’s place in the history books with his legendary remix. Originally released in 1997, twenty years later, psy trance heavyweights Orpheus and Osher rework 1998 giving it new life for yet another generation of dance music lovers.

Orpheus aka Yaniv Gabay has produced countless original tracks, collaborations, remixes and as one half of No Comment is one of the fastest rising trance acts. Appearing on over one hundred releases since 2009, Osher Swissa is a master of production and creativity.

Psy trance has become one of the most popular sounds at festivals and clubs around the world. Combine that with one of the most infamous tracks of dance music and you have the makings for a track of epic proportions. Orpheus and Osher recreate 1998 with a powerful rolling bass groove, sparkling effects and crystal clear production. And, yes, with that absolutely brilliant melody that makes 1998 a masterpiece once again for it’s twentieth year.

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