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Hay Alguien Ahi

Fergie & Sadrian are no strangers to the Pharmacy label. After countless chart topping original tracks and remixes they now make their debut on Pharmacy Plus. Hay Alguien Ahi is the perfect sound that defines our new label and who better than the three friends, Fernando Picciano, Adrian Sartore and Emiliano Ayub, known collectively as Fergie & Sadrian to blow us away with the tech-trance sound they have championed.

1 June 2015 Read more

Vector One / Red Vision

Pharmacy Plus burst out of the gate with a powerful release by Serjan that blew away all expectations for a label debut. Pharmacy Plus steps into the arena for round two featuring D’nial from Mexico City. This breakout first release from 22 year old D’nial aka Daniel Castro has tons of energy and different grooves, with influences of break beats and tech trance.

25 May 2015 Read more

Lost In Translation / Neuroscape

Pharmacy Music has been unstoppable over the past year. It is now recognized as one of the world’s premiere underground labels and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Pharmacy Music is best known for it’s psy trance releases, however Pharmacy enters a new chapter with the launch of their new imprint, Pharmacy Plus, which explores the hard trance and tech trance sides of underground trance.

18 May 2015 Read more

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