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Infected / Psychedelic Vision

Pablo Schugt�s development as an artist is impressive to say the least. With each track his compositions become more complex and yet at the same time seem effortless. Pablo knows how to utilize space in his music to create seductive tracks.

21 March 2016 Read more

Knock Knock Neo / Warzone

Black Marvin, aka Francis Bousquet, is one of the most creative artists on the Pharmacy team always impressing with his original and unique sounding productions. Black Marvin gives progressive psy trance a refreshing and exciting twist infusing it with progressive house and electro sounds. Black Marvin’s tracks are true sonic journeys.

14 March 2016 Read more

Trek Trip / Infinity Blue

2Komplex continues to impress with their latest two track release featuring Trek Trip and Infinity Blue. 2Komplex have created a unique sound that is not just powerful music with a groove but also music that tells a story with each track. In just three short years after combining forces, Brazilian DJs Heimdall (Rodrigo Carvalho) and DJ Janzito (Jan Barbosa) have made a respectable name for themselves in the psy trance community. Trek Trip is 2Komplex at their best, a mesmerizing tack that takes the listener on an epic journey encompassing a variety of baselines, melodies and moods. Trek Trip must be listened to from start to finish to truly appreciate the story contained in this piece of music. Infinity Blue gallops through the airwaves with a bubbly baseline and a slinky acid line. Once again it 2Komplex?s ability to tell a story through their music that makes this progressive psy track unique and hypnotic.

22 February 2016 Read more

The Prestige EP

Kessler is back and better than ever with his brilliant new EP titled The Prestige. With chart topping albums and EPs already on Pharmacy, Kessler drops an impressive new six track EP which is destined to cause commotion with musical tastemakers and dance floors alike.

15 February 2016 Read more

Destination Threshold

Pharmacy Music kicks off the New Year with Destination Threshold, a banging new release from Kundalini following up on his chart topping No Name Yet / Hidden EP from last year. Kundalini is the psy trance project of Nikolay Sabchev from Bulgaria. With more than a decade of experience producing and DJing, he has an ear for what works on a dark dance floor.

8 February 2016 Read more


Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian join forces again to unleash Livewire, another dance floor banger. After the overwhelming support and success of their single Buenos Aires last year, they decided to whip up a new track when they were on tour again in Argentina to DJ the infamous Pharmacy Night at Mandarine to a sold out crowd.

25 January 2016 Read more

Pharmacy: Anthology 2015

Over the past few years, Pharmacy has established itself as one of psy trance’s most innovative labels. Label owner Christopher Lawrence has a unique ear for talent and has amassed a stable of new and established cutting edge producers who pushed the label to warp speed in 2015. This anthology contains some of Pharmacy’s brightest and most exciting releases for the year including a few you might have missed. With so many incredible singles, it was a tough job to narrow it down but we think you’ll find the cream of the crop here. There’s tracks from Christopher Lawrence, Waveform, Fergie & Sadrian, Ikerya Project, Frost Raven, Lamat along with remixes from Sonic Species and Magnus – plus much more.

18 January 2016 Read more


Frost Raven and Casey Rasch team up for one absolutely incredible release. As two of Pharmacy’s most talented artists, both artists have had multiple successful releases on the label. Most recently, Casey Rasch remixed Frost raven’s Angel of Verdun. The natural progression for two of trance’s brightest stars is to head into the studio together for a collaboration. Luckily both artists come from California, Frost Raven from San Francisco and Casey Rasch from Los Angeles. The result is breathtaking.

11 January 2016 Read more

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