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iVibes reviews Orpheus vs. Osher – 1998

iVibes reviews Orpheus vs. Osher – 1998

Orpheus Vs. Osher – 1998 [Pharmacy Music]
21:43 – September 18, 2017 
by davehart 

Brand new on Pharmacy records is a real gem of a remix of an all time trance iconic record. 1998 by Binary Finary has been given a psy flavour by Orpheus & Osher which is sure to leave a very good taste in your ear drums…

It was during the 1990’s that trance music really started to create its identity and by the summer of 1999 it was the genre which was blowing up everywhere. Since the 90’s it’s been a genre that has died over a thousand times. It’s never going to of course, there fan following for the genre reaches millions around the world. Remember the tunes that started it, or indeed the tunes that got me into trance one record will come to the front. That classic tune 1998 from Binary Finary, which was record that was actually crafted together in 1997. I remember back then it had a fair few mixes, some good, some iconic, others truly terrible. It’s been left alone for a while but has crossed into the Psy Trance scene with an excellent remix from Orpheus & Osher on Pharmacy Music.

You may well have heard this on one of Christopher Lawrence’s radio shows and live sets over the past few weeks. While I’ve not got much history with records from Orpheus & Osher what I do know is they are very good musical craftsman, the proof of which can be found in this excellent remix of an all time classic 1998. The Psy style of trance is one which has been poured into this classic melody with a very pleasant outcome. The main hook which we all know and love on this tune is there, the build up to which really drops some deep fast rolling bass lines is superb. Taking a little of that 90’s flavour with the psy style is a nice touch of flange use and chopped up harmonic vocal samples. There have been some terrible remixes of this tune over the years. This one, thankfully, is one of the good ones!

How do you take a classic tune and give it a psy remake without destroying the original? Put this on play because Orpheus & Osher have done it perfectly. Pharmacy delivers with another big hit, once again!

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21 September 2017 News Press

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