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Christopher Lawrence – Dark Side is Mixmag’s Album Of The Month

Mixmag Magazine has named Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side as their Album Of The Month in Trance. Check out the review:

20 July 2018 News  Press Read more

EDM Identity reviews Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side


Come with us and explore Christopher Lawrence’s Dark Side, featuring a vast array of progressive and psy–soaked beats that will shake even the most fearless straight through to their core!

Christopher Lawrence takes the trance underground to its darkest of levels as he experiments with the concept of the open to close set, capturing its essence with two separate continuous mixes appropriately dubbed Dark SideWith a vision to build the energy around what you would expect if you were to witness the auditory magic live and in person, Dark Side flows with beats drawn forth from the deep unholy darkness, leading us up to experience our emotional peak far beyond the stars.

4 June 2018 News  Press Read more

OC EDM Interviews Triceradrops about his #1 artist album Coalesce

Today is a big day for Los Angeles based artist Triceradrops as his debut album “Coalesce” was released through Christopher Lawrence’s Pharmacy Music record label. To celebrate the 11 psytrance tracks, Julian Noriega, Pharmacy Music, and Pulsar Music are having an album release party in Los Angeles this Saturday, February 17th.

20 February 2018 News  Press Read more

EDM Identity rave review of Triceradrops’s album Coalesce – naming him “a pioneer for the new wave of psytrance”

Triceradrops’ Album ‘Coalesce’ Takes Listeners On A Journey Into The Darkness

Forget everything you knew about the essence of trance because Triceradrops is here with Coalescereminding us that the dark side holds the key to true dance floor debauchery!

It’s not very often that an artist comes along with the potential to catapult the trance game into the next dimension with a firestorm of diabolical beats that capture the true essence of psytrance in its darkest form. Ever since Triceradrops burst onto the scene with tracks like “Floor Bomb” “End Creation”, and “A Lucid Nightmare”, we knew we were witnessing the future of trance unfolding before our very eyes. Today, Triceradrops turns the chapter, shaking trance fans to the core with his debut album Coalesce, out now on Christopher Lawrence‘s own Pharmacy Music!

12 February 2018 News  Press Read more

Trancesound interview with Synfonic

Exclusive interview with Synfonic for

Througout time, a lot has been said about young people making a huge change, wether is music, art, management, especially IT and so on. But musically speaking, in over a decade I am running, I have realized in my very first few months, that there are major names, almost in their 30s, 40s and in their 50s as well; but there is yet another age, the young ones, which I always had the pleasure to interview, meet, know personally, that I was always under the impression, they are here to stay and 95% of them stood strong, still making their music, unique vibe and personal impression. The same way I feel about these two young lads from Los Angeles, they have what it takes to hear their music in the years to come. Remember their names and buy their music too; it worth every penny.

8 January 2018 News  Press Read more

Las Vegas Weekly interview with Christopher Lawrence

Deanna Rilling

Spend some time this holiday season with your #TranceFamily when the legendary Christopher Lawrence brings the warm vibes to counteract the chilly Vegas winter. We caught up with the veteran artist, who stops by the Sahara Lounge on December 23.

A lot has changed in the world of trance music. Critics said it was dead for a while, but now it’s back and bigger than ever. Trance had been the biggest sound all around the world for probably 10 years. But like everything, people want to hear something a little bit different. And the [difference] was EDM and that big-room EDM sound has dominated, especially in Vegas. Nobody wanted trance for a while there, and it’s really nice that it’s come back.

21 December 2017 News  Press Read more

EDM Identity’s Weekly Roundup feat. Magnus – Forward Command 2017

Magnus releases a rework of his hit Forward Command

Seven years after its original release, Psytrance master Magnus reworked his hit “Forward Command.” Back in 2008, Magus was one of the first artists signed to Pharmacy Music and initiated listeners to his unique brand of harmonious, euphoric psy. Magnus effectively infused deep, dark pulsating psytrance beats with melodic and uplifting sounds.

19 December 2017 News  Press Read more

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