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[TranceSound] Christopher Lawrence Interview

When it comes to having an exclusive interview with the like of Christopher Lawrence, you would expect him to provide you with short answers and not to many in-depth details on what kind of person he is or the things he likes the most, but this is not the case. Being such a down to Earth person and also being so open minded, he makes the most out of this interview in particular. Never the less, being one of the most active Djs within the American northern hemisphere, with lots of experience in terms of live gigs and well known venues and being given such a huge recognition, I may easily say that I am glad and honoured of having such a close encounter with the a living legend. In our conversation we were talking about his true passion to music and his massive support given to the masses, people that would like to step on his shoes. This is what I call a true Helpful-by-Nature personality. I am delighted to present you my very first interview with an artist such as Christopher Lawrence himself.

15 March 2011 News  Press Read more

[i:Vibes] Gian Carlo – Extraversion / Qualia

Fresh new beats off the front counter of Pharmacy Music with a double EP from Gian Carlo. Fusing together a techno and progressive base to deliver two very addictive trance moulded tunes you should pay attention of…

13 March 2011 News  Press Read more

[HarderFaster] Magnus – Forward Command

To Pharmacy Music we go and the new release from Magnus. This one has a psychedelic feel to it. Comprising two tracks; the title track and the b-side Eclipse, this is epic and potent trance with a tech feel to it.

7 September 2010 News  Press Read more

[i:Vibes] Sean J Morris – Biopsy

Sean J Morris is back with a brand new EP on Christopher Lawrence’s Pharmacy Records this month with a remix from the hugely talented Jonathan Allyn. Get prepared for a deep pounding progressive ride you won’t forget…

17 March 2010 News  Press Read more

[i:Vibes] Jonothan Allyn – Fracture / Riochet

This will be the first appearance of the year from Pharmacy Music the return of Jonathan Allyn to the label to follow on the success of his last release ‘Taking Sides’. Double EP this time around with a nice bonus remix stuck in for good measure…

1 February 2010 News  Press Read more

[i:Vibes] Jay Selway & Magnus – Big Break / Unfold

The very latest audio from Pharmacy Records is let loose with a joint collaboration between Jay Selway and Magnus. It’s a twinside EP with quite possibly one of the best tracks you’ll hear all year…

30 October 2009 News  Press Read more

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