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[Hammarica] John 00 Fleming Interview

John 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years without dishonouring his musical essence or fans. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compilations, John’s a proven musical pioneer whose essence lies in what his fans call, ‘the J00F sound’. The J00F sound is as unpretentious as the artist, and is best described as deep and textured progressively edged trance, in an electronic dance music style that is an antithesis to what is normally produced within the genre.

9 June 2013 News  Press Read more

Nevermore featured on Paul Oakenfold’s “Full on Flouro” radio show.

Congrats to Frost Raven on his single “Nevermore” being featured on Paul Oakenfold’s “Full on Flouro” two months in a row.

31 May 2013 DJ Play  News Read more

[USATranceMovement] Jonathan Allyn interview

DJ::Producer, Jonathan Allyn continues to be recognized by the media, its artists and crowds across the nation for his tough yet melodically progressive, techno trance DJ style and productions.

9 May 2013 News  Press Read more

[Electronic Night Life Review] Pharmacy: Phase 2

The fantastic lady editor/promoter that has been getting me some of my best event reviews dropped this in my lap and once again, she doesn’t disappoint. Jonathan Allyn definitely never showed up in my reality before, because I couldn’t forget talent like this.

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[Trancehub Review] Pharmacy: Phase 2

With the sudden explosion of Electronic Dance Music, it’s no wonder that the underground psy-trance movement is gaining some traction on the EDM scene. And what better way to bring it mainstream with ‘Pharmacy: Phase 2′. This 14-track album contains tracks from Pharmacy’s best and brightest artist mixed by Jonathan Allyn.

21 April 2013 News  Press Read more

[HarderFaster] – Beyond The Limit (2013 Remixes)

Pharmacy Music revisit Beyond The Limit, a track by John ’00’ Fleming and Christopher Lawrence. Here, the concept is simple: provide brand new remixes in a multi-volume format; a series of singles showcasing new and existing talent. The first set of remixes come from Nick Sentience and Reaky alongside remix competition winners Stephane Bradley, Franco Landriel and Takaki Matsuda & Apsara.

16 April 2013 News  Press Read more

Beyond the Limit (Nick Sentience Remix) on Radio Bosh

Pharmacy Music has delivered the second phase of Fleming & Lawrence – Beyond the Limit remixes featuring a banging rework by Nick Sentience.

9 April 2013 DJ Play  News Read more

[Trancehub] Jonathan Allyn Interview

With UMF just around the corner, what is it about UMF that makes it such a formidable dance music festival?

7 April 2013 News  Press Read more

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