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Marcelo Fratini – T.O.T / Stay Control is #28 on Beatport’s Release Chart

Pharmacy Plus is back and better than ever with a slamming tech trance release from Marcelo Fratini. With more than 15 years behind the decks, Marcelo Fratini is one of the most recognized DJs of Argentina. Over the years Marcelo has developed his own style, a very refined musical selection that combines progressive, trance and techno, to create the perfect festive mood for which he is recognized.

14 November 2018 News Read more

Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Muladhara climbs to #57 on Beatport Singles Chart

The collaboration team of Christopher Lawrence and Fergie & Sadrian is on fire. They have found their groove and are determined to infect the rest of the universe with their peak time psychedelic vision.

Muladhara is a Featured Release on Beatport’s Psy-Trance page and is currently #57 on the Singles chart. It is twisted journey thru space and time which is why DJs including Paul van Dyk, Alex MORPH, Indecent Noise and John Askew are supporting this massive tune.

Fergie & Sadrian and Christopher Lawrence use multiple melody lines and vocal samples to create a complex sonic tapestry full of excitement and energy. Punchy baselines, high octane breaks and powerful drops make Muladhara a massive moment for the dance floor.

Out exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide on November 12th.

30 October 2018 News Read more

Stephane Badey – Ghost / Flowtation is Top 50 on Beatport Release Chart

French producer Stephane Badey was one of the first artists on Pharmacy and has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. His sound and artistry in the studio has matured as he effortlessly progressed thru trance, tech trance and psy. A Featured Release on Beatport, the two track release Ghost and Flowtation are trance at it’s best – entering the Top 50 Singles chart this week.

The backbone of every great track is the bassline and Ghost has an infectious groove that is guaranteed to get every body moving. Stephane cleverly introduces a dubstep influenced growling melody in the breakdown and effortlessly evolves it into a lead line that takes the track to the next level after the drop.

Flowtation is a goa influenced psychedelic journey with a rolling baseline, arpeggiated melodies and slinky acid lines. The breakdown is where things get really trippy with plenty of psychedelic weirdness to fry your mind. Then it drops back into the safety of the slinky melodies and your return to familiar sonic awareness.

Out now exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide 5 November.

22 October 2018 News Read more

Fergie & Sadrian – Smoking In Space is a Featured Release on Beatport

Fergie & Sadrian are music production machines! Just as one track leaves the Beatport top 100 another one enters. Next in line is Smoking In Space which is a Featured Release on Beatport’s Psy-Trance page. Following Vishuddha, their recent collaboration with Christopher Lawrence, this latest is quite possibly their best yet.

Smoking In Space dominates with the Fergie & Sadrian signature in your face galloping bass. Layers of rhythmic percussion give the track an ethnic vibe. The infectious chanting vocal reinforces that tribal feel. The icing on the cake is the powerful synth melody that cuts right through to send the crowd into a frenzy.

Out exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide on October 22nd.

8 October 2018 News Read more

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