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Quadra – Thought Frequency is Top 40 on Beatport’s Singles chart

We are super excited to announce the addition to the Pharmacy team of Quadra and his banging new release Thought Frequency – which is currently #37 on Beatport’s Singles chart and a Featured Release on the Psy-Trance page. Quadra is the solo project of LA based Ido Li-ran. Ido is originally from Israel and has over twenty years of music production experience. He has released four Quadra albums and is also part of the duo Save The Robot. His powerful, uplifting live act has been featured all around the world playing parties and festi-vals in places throughout the US, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Israel and Europe.

14 January 2019 News Read more

Fergie & Sadrian – Flashback is #8 on Beatport’s Singles Chart

Fergie & Sadrian send Pharmacy Music out with a bang this year! Their seventh release of the year, Flashback, is sure to their biggest track yet. But don’t take our word for it. Flashback received the highest honor from Beatport with an amazing first tile Banner Release on the Psy-Trance home page and hitting #8 on the Singles Chart! This has been a great year for the Argentine duo, playing at the world famous Groove nightclub in Buenos Aires, seven releases on Pharmacy, and an additional release on Pharmacy Plus.

1 January 2019 News Read more

Sentinel 7 – The Sound enters Beatport Top 75 Singles Chart

Sentinel 7 is arguably the finest psy trance talent to rise out of the new breed of US psy producers taking the world by storm. His meticulously produced full on tracks stand head and shoulders above the rest when played on a pumping outdoor sound system. Sentinel 7’s track are getting massive play throughout the psy world as well as major support from Beatport earning the release a coveted Banner Feature on the Psy-Trance home page and entering the Top 75 Singles Chart.

17 December 2018 News Read more

Black Marvin – Marvin Had Coffee / Lemonade is Top 10 on Beatport

Black Marvin is one of the most creative artists on the label so whenever he has a new release it’s always exciting to hear what he comes up with. Once again Black Marvin does not disappoint. His new single Marvin Had Coffee / Lemonade is currently Top 10 on Beatport.

Marvin Had Coffee is a cleverly crafted psychedelic journey. The energy is kept up with a galloping bassline that gains some melody as it builds to the breakdown. The breakdown is short and sweet to keep the party moving and grooving.

Black Marvin gets more experimental on Lemonade, letting the creativity flow in a twisted exploration of sound and rhythm. This is the sound that has given Black Marvin a passionate following. His outside the box approach to trance is fresh and rewarding.

Out exclusively on Beatport.
Available worldwide on December 10th.

4 December 2018 News Read more

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